Blocking PDF Printers on Xenapp

Written on Monday 30 May 2011 by Frank Vandebergh in category: Citrix


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Bart Van Vugt

Bart Van Vugt wrote 2 years ago:

This is a user policy, not a Computer policy.

Frank Vandebergh

Frank Vandebergh wrote 2 years ago:

Oops. Thanks Bart, it has been corrected

Chandu N

Chandu N wrote 2 years ago:

Good tip. Thanks for sharing.

John Walsh

John Walsh wrote 1 year ago:

Great Blog Frank. I found it very useful and exactly what one of my customers was looking for!

Stuart Lashley wrote 1 year ago:

In XenApp 6.5 this option is now located in under the User Policy in Printing > Client Printers > "Printer driver mapping and compatibility"