Blocking PDF Printers on Xenapp

Written on Monday 30 May 2011 by Frank Vandebergh in category: Citrix

By Default, users connecting to a XenApp server will have their client printers automatically mapped using the citrix universal print driver. All client printers are mapped including any PDF printers the client has installed. This might give you unwanted network traffic as it is much slower to print to PDF on a client mapped printer compared to a PDF printer installed on the Xenapp server. Also we have seen issues at customers where those 'special' printers were mapped and giving problems, even crashing the print spooler.

The solution is to create a list of printer drivers that are blocked so that these printers are not created automatically in the session. This is the procedure to block these drivers:

Within Citrix Delivery Services console, create or edit a User policy. Within this policy navigate to Printing > Drivers > "Printer Driver mapping and compatibility

Edit the Printer mapping and compatibility and add the printer drivers you want to block. Use "Do Not Create" as the action.

Here is a list of common printer drivers you can block:

  • Send To Microsoft OneNote Driver
  • Microsoft Office Document Image Writer Driver
  • pdfFactory 2
  • Amyuni Document Converter 400
  • Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • PDFCreator
  • CutePDF Writer
  • Send To Microsoft OneNote 2010 Driver


Bart Van Vugt

Bart Van Vugt wrote 2 years ago:

This is a user policy, not a Computer policy.

Frank Vandebergh

Frank Vandebergh wrote 2 years ago:

Oops. Thanks Bart, it has been corrected

Chandu N

Chandu N wrote 2 years ago:

Good tip. Thanks for sharing.

John Walsh

John Walsh wrote 1 year ago:

Great Blog Frank. I found it very useful and exactly what one of my customers was looking for!

Stuart Lashley wrote 1 year ago:

In XenApp 6.5 this option is now located in under the User Policy in Printing > Client Printers > "Printer driver mapping and compatibility"